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What is Paradine?

A dining App built to help working professionals save and track their client’s, colleague’s, and friend’s favorite restaurants. Dining out has become an important aspect to building business relationships, so we’ve built an App to help! Learn more


Why use Paradine?

It’s time to stop digging through countless reviews online from strangers.  If only there was a way to store all those great restaurant recommendations you’ve received from colleagues and friends… That’s where Paradine comes in! Learn more


How it works

Build a network with your closest connections then easily sift through the restaurants they love in one simple place. Useful for finding the perfect dining venue for client meetings, travel, celebrations and more. Learn more


Save time and remove the guesswork when dining for business

Ever been asked for a restaurant recommendation and forgot the name of a place you've enjoyed? Never let that happen again by saving and sharing your favorites on Paradine.


Jake Farmakis
Founder, Paradine

"Dining out is a critical part of my business and developing client relationships. I needed a trusted and quick way to find local restaurants my clients loved whether it be in my hometown or travelling on the road."


Reviews you trust

A personal recommendation from someone you know is the #1 factor among adults when choosing a new restaurant. It’s time to stop relying on a stranger's review online and make the shift to a simple mobile solution that's reliable, social, and convenient.


Jen Truss
Associate Producer, NYC

"I have been disappointed in the past by generic recommendation sites. Paradine is finally a place I can trust because the reviews are coming directly from my personal network of clients and colleagues."


Restaurant gift cards

Coming Soon! Send electronic gift cards in seconds to clients and friends across the country to their favorite restaurants. It’s like a wedding “registry” but for your favorite restaurants!


Bruce Pellegrino
Growth Leader
GE Inspection Technologies, LP

“Before Paradine I would keep track of my favorite NYC or NJ restaurants in an excel file. Friends, relatives, colleagues and clients would often request to view my restaurant list when they were visiting from out-of-town. Now with Paradine they can follow my updated list of favorite restaurants on their smartphone and within seconds have a reliable recommendation sorted by type, atmosphere, value, BYOB, etc.

Plus, with the Paradine App my favorite restaurant list is much easier for me to maintain and keep current. Nice job Paradine!


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